Third Grade / Tercer grado

Master of Science: Literacy Education
Bachelors of Arts: Elementary Education

STAFF:  Mrs. Franco
PHONE:  (531) 299-1620

Third Grade / Tercer grado

Licenciada en Educación Primaria

STAFF:  Mstra. Pineda
PHONE:  (531) 299-1620

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Schedule / Horario 

Breakfast in Classroom  Desayuno 

9:00 - 9:50 Specials (PE, Music, Art, Library, Guidance) 

Class Morning Meeting - Junto de clases 

Math or Science/SS 

Language Arts - Lectura 

12:05 - 12:20 Recess 

12:20 - 12:35 Lunch 

Language Arts Cont'd - Lectura 

Switch Teachers - Cambio

Math or Science/SS 


Math Small Group 


Writing - Escurita 

Dismissal - Salida 


Please encourage your students to read a minimum of 20 minutes each day and practice their math facts.  Assigned homework will primarily be math.

Animar a los alumnos a continuar progresando en su lectura, escritura para mejorar cada día.

Donation Ideas: Kleenex, dry erase markers, Clorox wipes

Donaciones:  Kleenex, Marcadores para borrado en seco, toallitas mojadas desinfectantes.

Volunteer Ideas: 


-Read to students

-Practice math facts

-Assist with classroom activities

Leer a los estudiantes,

hablar de la clase de ciencias,

ayudar con las actividades en el aula


Please encourage your child to follow classroom expectations and 3B’s” Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe

Consignas para hacer silencio, tenemos ideas, compartimos, escribimos, sacamos nuestras propias conclusiones y hacemos un resumen de lo que vimos en


We are learning... 

Quarter 1
Writing-personal narratives and letter writing
Reading- fiction (characters, point of view, make and confirm predictions, literacy elements)
Math-addition, subtraction, place value, data
Science- life cycle and traits
Social Studies- history (community)
Quarter 2
Writing-descriptive essay and story
Reading- Non-fiction and fiction (skills we will focus on: text features, graphic features, summarize, ask and answer questions, ideas and support, and monitor and clarify)
Math-multiplication and division
Science-animal groups and fossils
Social studies- geography (community)
Quarter 3
Writing- persuasive letter and essay
Reading-fiction and nonfiction (skills we will focus on: text and graphic features, ask and answer questions, literacy, elements, theme, author's craft, retell, summarize, author's purpose, monitor and clarify and central idea)
Math-division and fractions
Science-forces and interactions
Social Studies-civics (community)
Quarter 4
Writing-research and poems
Reading-biographies (skills we will focus on: author's purpose, make and confirm predictions, text structure, point of view, make inferences, figurative language, summarize)
Math-geometry, shapes, and measurement
Science- weather and climate
Social Studies- economics 



Khan Academy

Clever App will house all websites and apps used by our class




Khan Academy en español

App de Clever

Ways to help with English literacy at home: NDE Read at Home Plan