Miss Azimi

Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Inclusive Education

I was born and raised in Omaha, NE. This is my second year as a Pre-K teacher at Jackson Elementary and I love our Jackson Families! I love seeing my students do their best in the classroom and have fun exploring together. This year will look a bit different, but if we work together, we'll get through it! Stay healthy!

Room:  106


(531) 299-1620

Mrs. Dilcia 


Welcome to Pre-K

Ways to help your child's success in school

-Read, read, read!

-Practice classroom expectations: 

·      keeping hands to yourself, 

·      cleaning up after yourself, and 

·      being kind. 

If anyone would like to donate afternoon healthy snacks that would be great! We are a PEANUT-FREE room!

2019 - 20 Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule


Arrival: 8:40-8:50a

Morning Meeting: 8:50-9:15a

Breakfast/Restroom: 9:15-9:40a

Study Investigation: 9:40-10:05a

Outdoor Play: 10:05-10:35a

Centers/Small Group: 10:35-11:45a

Lunch: 11:45-12:15p

Storytime: 12:15-12:30p

Naptime: 12:30-2:00p

Second Step: 2:00-2:15p

Outdoor: 2:15-2:45p

Centers: 2:45-3:55p

Dismissal: 3:55-4:05p

Using your Pre-K Dismissal Pass, come through the Gym doors on the southwest side of the school and sign out your student directly from the classroom. 

Volunteer Ideas 

-Read a story to the class (in either Spanish or English)

-During various Unit Studies may come into the classroom and share 

-Field Trips

Our Morning Routine

1.     Put backpack in locker and return any forms to teacher.

2.     Wash hands

3.     Pick a book to read quietly on the rug. 

Our Hand Washing Routine:

1.     Wet hands

2.     Get one pump of soap.

3.     Rub the soap while you count to 20.

4.     Rinse hands and say “Bye-bye germs, bye-bye bubbles”.

5.     Dry hands with 1 paper towel!

Our Centers Clean-Up Routine:

1.     Stop

2.     Clean-up

3.     Return to rug

Pre-K Units of Study

August/September- Beginning of the Year Study and Imagination Study

October- Trees

November- Buildings

December- Balls

January- Clothing

February- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

March- Cars

April- Birds

May- Gardens