Fourth Grade /Cuarto Grado 

Mrs. West & Mta. Soto

4 DL


Mrs. West 

Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education

I am married and have a daughter named Ruby.


Srta. Soto 

Nací y crecí en México, pero estudié mis 4 años de universidad en Iowa.


(402) 344- 7484 

Salon 205 y 207


Homework will be written in the agenda each day. Students will have time to work on homework during class and whatever is not finished is to be taken home and returned the next day.


Mis alumnos deberán completar. 


·      Kleenex

·      Clorox Wipes

·      Small prizes for incentives (rewards for students)

·      Dulces 

·      Snacks para el salon

·      Pequeños premios para usar como incentivos (Dollar Store).

·      Kleenex

Students will dismiss at 4:05 outside near the corner of 31st and Levenworth Street. After intial parent pick up, fourth grade will walk down the side walk towards the tree by the other exit near playground. Any students not picked up by 4:15 will be taken to the office.

Los alumnos serán recogidos por las puertas cercanas a Leavenworth St.

Parents are welcome to support students by working with a small group in the hall on math or reading skills. 

They may prepare materials for projects as needed.

Invitamos a los padres a ayudar en el salón con pequeños proyectos o lectura para nuestros alumnos. 

Students will get grab and go breakfast, put their backpacks away and go into their directed classrooms. They will begin their morning routine and respectively listen to announcements. We will begin our learning for the morning and just before recess students will bring all of their materials needed to the other classroom so they are ready to learn in the other language for the remainder of their day until dismissal.

We are learning... 

En las mañanas, los alumnos dejan sus mochilas en el casillero y se dirigen al salon a desayunar. Al mediodía, los alumnos recogen sus materiales y se preparan para cambiar salones.

Math (Quarter 1)- Place Value and Multiplication

Writing(Quarter 1)- Personal Narrative and Fiction

Reading (Quarter 1)- Story Elements, Synonym/Antonym, Character Traits and Motivations

Estudios Sociales-  All about Nebraska

Lectura-  Caracteristicas y moticaciones de personajes, comparar y contrastar

Escritura- La comunidad de escritores


All links under the library tab on our website are great Reading resources!!