1st Grade / Primer Grado

Mrs. Nielsen y Mta. Arroyo

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Mrs. Nielsen: B.S in Elementary Education and Primarily Math Endorsement. 

I love spending time with my family. I’m married, have a 3 year old daughter, and another little baby coming soon. We enjoy going to the park with our dog, taking walks, and Nebraska football is our favorite sports team! Go Huskers! 


Mta. Arroyo: Licenciatura en educación primaria y ESL 

Me graduéde la Universidad de Nebraska en Kearney en diciembre del 2014. Emepezé dar clases en Jackson en enero del 2015. Me encanta formar parte del equipo de la escuela Jackson y ayudara las familias en cualquier manera que pueda 


(402) 344-7484 

Salon 109 y 110

Take-Home books are read by studentand signed by a parent every night.  
 Los librosde casa debenser leidospor el/la estudiantey ser firmadospor un adultocadanoche.
 Thank you for all the supplies that have been donated so far this year! We appreciate everything you bring so much! Here are a few things that we always seem to be in need of: Kleenexes, Expo markers (regular and skinny), Disinfecting wipes, Ziploc bags (sandwich and gallon size, and Colored copy paper. 

 DonacionesToallasdisinfectantesmarcadoresde pizarra(Expo), papelde color para copias 
 First grade is dismissed from the Southeast doors at 4:05pm. Please pick up your child outside. 

 Los estudiantes de Primer Gradosalen por las puertas Sureste a las 4:05pm. Por favor de recoger a su hijo/a afuera. 
We would love to have you volunteer in the classroom. Please see Ms. Arroyo or myself for more information. 

 Me encantaría que seas voluntario en el aula. Por favor, vea a la Sra. Nielsen o a mí para más información.


8:35-8:50 Breakfast 

8:50-8:55 Opening & Announcements 

8:55-9:45 Writing 

9:45-10:00 Recess 

10:00-10:45 Science/Social Studies 

10:45-11:05 Reading Mastery 

11:05-11:35 Intervention/LLI 

11:35-11:50 Recess 

11:50-12:10 Lunch 

12:10-1:05 Reading 

1:05-1:55 Specials 

1:55-2:55 Reading 

2:55-3:15 Reading Mastery 

3:15-4:00 Science/Social Studies

4:00-4:05 Closing 

4:05 Dismissal 


8:35 – 8:50 Desayuno 

8:50 –8:55 Apertura & anuncios 

8:55 – 9:45 Escritura 

9:45 – 10:00 Recreo 

10:00 – 11:05 Matemáticas 

11:05 – 11:35 Intervencion 

11:35 – 11:50 Recreo 

11:50 – 12:10 Almuerzo 

12:10 –1:05 Lectura 

1:05 – 1:55 Especiales 

1:55 – 2:55 Lectura  

2:55 – 4:05 Matemáticas 

4:00 – 4:05 Clausura & Despido  

 We are Learning: 


Reading Genres: Informational text, realistic fiction, fantasy, and fables 

Reading Skills: Main idea, understanding characters, sequencing, text and graphic features, story structure, and understanding details 

Math:Addition & Subtraction 

Writing: Establishing a writing community and getting ideas for writing 

Science:Plants & Animals 

Social Studies: School, Community, and our Country 


ReadingGenres: Realistic fiction, biography, fantast, informational text, folktale, fantasy 

Reading Skills: Sequencing, text and graphic features, story structure, author’s purpose, cause and effect, conclusions, compare and contrast 

Math: Addition & Subtraction relationships. Counting, representing, and modeling numbers.  

Writing:Getting ideas and telling more details in our writing.  

Science:Plant and Animal life cycles. Sky and Earth. 

Social Studies: Geography 


ReadingGenres: Informational text, fantasy, biography, folktale, realistic fiction 

Reading Skills: Main idea and details, compare and contrast, author’s purpose, conclusions, cause and effect, and story structure 

Math:Count, model, and compare numbrs. Two-digit addition and subtraction. Money and measurement.  

Writing:Writing stories about me.  

Science:Weather and seasons. Light and sound.  

Social Studies: History 


ReadingGenres: Narrative non-fiction, realistic fiction, informational text, fantasy, mystery.  

Reading Skills: Sequencing, understanding characters, compare and contrast, text and graphic features, story structure, cause and effect 

Math:Measurement, data, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional geometry 

Writing:Poetry and opinion writing 

Science: Light and Sound 

Social Studies: Economic reasoning 


      Websites: Rockalingua 

      ABCya en español 

      PBS Kids en español 

      Apps: Endless Spanish 

      Learn Spanish Lessons for Kids 

      Ways to help with English literacy at home: NDE Read at Home Plan