beebeeWelcome to Library

Hello, I am the Jackson Library Media Specialist. I have been with the Omaha Public Schools since 1994. I came to Jackson in 2014. 

I love reading books and teaching students to use technology as a tool for learning. In addition, students have tabs with links to games that are used for a variety of skills practice. 

My goal as a librarian is always to introduce students to wonderful literature. Reading is a lifelong skill that is so important in all that we do in school and in life! 

Happy Reading!

Ms. Beebee

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Common Sense Media-

     Teachers, students, parents and staff...please use safe search engines with all


children at school and at home. Information is a wonderful thing but much of it

may NOT be what we want for our children.  Try this: https://www.safesearchkids.com/safe-image-search.html


     Common Sense Media is a website filled with information where parents and students can go to find out how to be safe on the internet, at school, and at home. It is my job as the technology instructor that all students have a safe place for educational games online. All school games were chosen for their educational value.


Thank you,

Miss Beebee