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Dear Jackson Families,

It was so wonderful to meet so many of you at Open House on September 13th.  Thank you for taking the time from your hectic schedules to discover more about our instructional programs and what a typical day in your child's life in school is like.  Your support contributes a great deal to our success.

So often I hear parents ask, “How can I get my child to read more?”  The successful parent employs a variety of strategies to encourage a child to read and to keep on reading outside of school.  Here are some techniques that you can try at home to encourage your child to read and teach them it is a valuable and enjoyable activity:

·      Set a good example let your children see you reading each day.

·      Make reading fun, set aside time for you and your child to read together.  Keep reading to them even when they can read on their own.  Pick longer or more difficult stories.

·      Keep lots of books, magazines, and newspapers around the house.

·      Take turns reading to each other.  Don't interrupt! 

·      Have conversations about what you have read.  Ask questions about what is happening in the story or make predictions about what might happen next.  Connect characters or events to your own life or to other books you have read.

·      Talk about the meaning of new words and ideas.

Most importantly, enjoy the special time that reading together allows.  Don't worry too much if “Junie B. Jones” is their favorite story right now.  The important thing is that they are reading and we need your support because "We are Moving from Good to GREAT!"


Mrs. Northcutt


Jackson Elementary School